Ecological bulk oils and vinegars

The Concept

It all started in 2013 when we opened our Bulk Olive and Balsamic Oil store with two very simple goals, to democratize quality olive oil and encourage customers to bring back their bottle. The craze was instantaneous! Quickly, more than half of our sales came from customers returning their bottle!


Quickly, more than half of our sales came from customers returning their bottle!


Our mission became at this moment more and more clear! Increase our points of sale by developing a turnkey concept for retailers.


Over the years, our concept has refined and we have added other products such as Canola or avocado to meet the demand of our customers. We currently have over 30 different bulk products that are now available in more than 100 retailers across Canada.


Waste reduction has become our main workhorse and bulk is a very effective way to get there but not at the expense of product quality. Olive Pressée guarantees that the oils and vinegars you will find at our retail partners are PREMIUM quality and at very competitive prices.

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Why Choose Our Products :

All our products are imported directly from producers. We eliminate an intermediary, which allows us to offer you a high-end product at a reasonable price.

For example, we visited in person our producers of olive oil and balsamic. We know their way of doing things and we have a privileged relationship with them. Our olive oils are ALWAYS from the last harvest, ie October-November for Europe and December-January for Tunisia.

We work hard to offer you a range of products as fresh as possible. We are not here to sell you a price but rather quality products.

Our Products

Olive Pressee Virgin Olive Oils

Virgin Olive Oils

Portugal Premium
Organic Tunisia
Portugal Premium Organic
Spain Organic

Olive Pressee Virgin Oils

Virgin Oils

Grape seed oil
Camelina oil
Organic Coconut Oil
Organic Grilled Sesame Oil
Organic Virgin Canola Oil

Olive Pressee Flavoured Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Flavoured Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Blood Orange
Meyer Lemon

Olive Pressee box with Balsamic Vinegars category on it


Tradition 18
Tomato Basil White
Blood Orange - Dark or White
Green Apple - White
Blueberry - Dark
et plus

Olive Pressee Soaps

Soaps and More

Black Bar of Marseille Soap
Regular Marseille Soap

Where to find us


      Our Solution:

      We offer retailers who want it a turnkey solution allowing them to distribute our products in a simple, ecological, hygienic and efficient way. Our sales team will assist you with the implementation of oil and vinegar countertops in bulk to guide you to success.
      There are many solutions to have loose oils. All are not equal. Oils rancid easily and contaminate just as easily.


      Very beautiful, but the oils are continually exposed to the oxidation of the air. In addition, this system does not allow efficient and safe filling. Requires additional handling, thus an additional risk of contamination.

      PUMP CANS:

      Very unattractive, do a lot of damage and do not inspire confidence in customers. You spend thousands of dollars in your interior design! Why ruin everything with a plastic can?

      The Olive Pressee Box

      Our bulk solution is aesthetic, safe and inspires confidence to customers. We use the “Bag in Box” as in wine in a beautiful wooden box. The products are packaged under vacuum and therefore have a guaranteed life of 24 months! Moreover, as you do not handle the products, you can sell them in organic as well. We are the only ones to offer you this option.
      Most of our oils already arrive in Bag in Box from our supplier at our request.

      Here are the advantages of the BIB
      No oxidation
      No damage
      No rancidity
      No exposure to light
      No manipulation

      Do you want to have our products in your shop?

      Or send us an email at

      The Environmental Choice

      1 pallet of olive oil in BIB contains 1200 liters and only 9.5kg of plastic. In barrels, it's 800 liters. The bag is sent to your destination without any other handling. We collect the empty bags that are sent to Terra Cycle which turns them into plastic beads that will be used again.

      The bag in box requires 80% less plastic than its volume equivalent.

      Requires less storage space.

      No washing required

      Once the boxes are set up in your shop, you can simply order bags of oils or vinegars. The change of bag is done in only a few seconds.

      At Olive Pressée, we believe that the bulk must be done under conditions of exemplary hygiene! The safety of your customers is important to us.